DIN 2817

DIN 2817 'Safety' Male Couplings

DIN 2817 'Safety' couplings with Male Bsp parallel threads, specifically for use with DIN 2817 clamps. DIN 2817 'Safety' couplings are available in brass and stainless steel grade 316.

DIN 2817 'Safety' Male

DIN 2817 Brass Male x Hosetail
Hose size
in mm
Thread size
Part Number
13 1/2" SM13B
19 3/4" SM19B
25 1" SM25B
32 1-1/4" SM32B
38 1-1/2" SM38B
50 2" SM50B
65 2-1/2" SM65B
75 3" SM75B
100 4" SM100B
Npt available in some sizes, to order.

DIN 2817 Stainless Steel Male x Hosetail
Clamp size
Bore x Wall
in mm
Hose OD
in mm
Part Number
13 1/2" SM13SS
19 3/4" SM19SS
25 1" SM25SS
32 1-1/4" SM32SS
38 1-1/2" SM38SS
50 2" SM50SS
65 2-1/2" SM65SS
75 3" SM75SS
100 4" SM100SS
Jump sizes and Npt available to order.

DIN 2817'Safety' couplings are specifically designed for use with DIN 2817 clamps. The hosetails have no serrations or ribs and therefore should not be used with any other clamping system.
The DIN 2817 clamp and hosetail system is double locked, unlike other bolt or band clamps. It offers more security than all but the heaviest swage ferrules but offers the advantage of being able to repair or replace the hose.

DIN 2817 'Safety' hosetails are made to suit metric hose. Customers should satisfy themselves that they are suitable for use with any imperial hose.

Use these couplings with our DIN 2817 'Safety' Clamps.

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