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'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face Coupling

A general purpose flat face quick disconnect coupling, the 'H3 Series' is particularly suitable for agricultural and industrial applications.

ISO 16028 Flat Face

Max Working Pressure Part Number
1/4" 280 Bar (4000 Psi) H3-02AF-AWPS
3/8" 250 Bar (3600 Psi) H3-03AF-AWPS
1/2" 200 Bar (2900 Psi) H3-03AF04-AWPS
3/4" 200 Bar (2900 Psi) H3-06AF-AWPS
1" 200 Bar (2900 Psi) H3-08AF-AWPS
1-1/4" 200 Bar (2900 Psi) H3-10AF-AWPS

'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face features include

  • Certified ISO9001 quality assured manufacture
  • Guaranteed interchangeability with other DIN16028 couplings
  • Flat Face wipe clean surface for minimal air or contaminent inclusion
  • Steel construction with Zinc yellow dichromate plating for maximum protection
  • NBR seals suitable for -20OC to +120OC
  • Positive ball locking mechanism
  • Double poppet valves designed for maximum flow when connected and minimum spill on disconnect
  • Sleeve lock safety feature as standard

The versatile 'H3 Series', ISO 16028 with it's rugged flat face design, is perfect for all standard agricultural and industrial applications. They are widely used in construction machinery, in-plant equipment and manufacturing systems. They are used whenever fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected quickly and reliably and when non contamination of the lines is critical.

ISO 16028 Flat Face

How to specify your 'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face part number.
Use the series number followed by the size, coupling type, material and thread required, for example H3-02AF-AWPS

Size Type Material Thread
1/4" - 02 AF - Coupler
with female thread
B - Brass PT - Bsp Taper
3/8" - 03 AM - Coupler
with male thread
AW - Steel
yellow Zinc plated
NPT - Npt
1/2" - 04 AH - Coupler
with hose tail
AC - Steel
yellow Nickel plated
PS - Bsp Parallel
3/4" - 06 PF - Plug
with female thread
T - Stainless Steel
1" - 08 PM - Plug
with male thread
1-1/4" - 10 PH - Plug
with hose tail
Special bodies and seals, such as Monel and Viton are also available.

Please note that only the standard 'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face product is currently supplied. Delivery of special items should be confirmed with our sales department.

ISO 16028 Flat Face

ISO 16028 Flat Face
'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face Coupler Dimensions

Size D
in mm
in mm
in mm
1/4" 30 57 27
3/8" 30 62 27
1/2" 30 72 27
3/4" 45 92 38
1" 55 105 42
1-1/4" 55 100 50

Also available to special order are the 'H3 Series' 'Hi-Flow' couplers, which have larger diameter coupling mechanisms to allow for larger valve chambers and therefore increased flow capacity. These couplings have the standard hose side termination i.e. 1/2" Bsp but are not interchangeable with the standard 1/2" plug.

An 'H3 Series' ISO 16028 Flat Face 1/2" standard and 'Hi-Flow' can be seen below for comparison.

ISO 16028 Flat Face

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