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'Auto-Locking' female couplers.

'Cam and Groove' female couplers with an auto locking feature in both arms. Suitable for use in safety conscious enviroments.

'Auto Locking' arms are now available on Intrico 'Cam and Groove' couplers, a feature often required in safety conscious environments, applications where vibration is present, where the hose is dragged and a host of other installations.

Operation is simple as the coupler has been ergonimically designed to ensure that the operating button fall conveniently under the users thumb.

Simply press the button and open the arm. When closing the mechanism is automatic, operate the lock coupling in the normal way and the 'Auto Lock takes care of the rest!

How to specify your 'Cam and Groove' coupler with auto locking arms.

Use the material, followed by the coupling type and then 'L' (for Locking) followed by the size, for example - ALCL200 = Aluminium Part C with auto locking arms in 2" size.

Material Type Locking Size
SS - Stainless Steel B - Coupler x Male thread L 1-1/2" - 150
AL - Aluminium C - Coupler x Hosetail 2" - 200
BR - Brass D - Coupler x Female thread 2-1/2" - 250
DC - Dust Cap 3" - 300
4" - 400
6" - 600

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Product also Known As: Autoloc

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