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Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Dry Break Couplings provide safety for people, plant and the enviroment. We supply Breakaway Drybreaks from 3/4" to 10"nb. 'Breakaway' couplings, spares and seals are all available from Intrico Products.

The Intrico supplied Safety Breakaway dry break couplings are used to provide safety in situations where a hose or pipework system can be placed under tension, leading to failure.

The insertion of a Breakaway coupling can prevent pull-away accidents, protecting operators, loading/unloading equipment and can eliminate damage to plant and equipment, the risk of pollution and costly product loss.

Fitted with a valve in each half, the safety Breakaway connection is designed to break in two when subject to tensile loads. The valves close automatically, requiring no outside operation or power, sealing the pipe work or tank and the hose.


We supply two types:


Industrial Break Away

  • Typically installed into loading arm and hose assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a rig and fixed point. Angular tensile force will activate the Breakaway.


Marine Break Away

  • Marine Safety Break Aways feature additional internal features that provide increased resistance to torsional and bending moment forces. Our Marine Safety Break Aways are designed to only release by inline pull and are to be used between two strings of hose.


Other Breakaway designs are also available.

  • Non-closure versions are available without valves, for applications such a powder where personnel and plant protection is required but the valves would become clogged by the powder.
  • Cable release versions are suitable for applications where very small forces are need to activate the coupling.
  • Dry Disconnect hose unit couplings with an integral Breakaway offers the normal protection but minimises the overall weight making the combined unit easier to handle by the operators.


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