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Adapters in sizes from 1" to 8" including many jump sizes. 'Cheetah' adapters will sort out your problems - fast!

Adapters - More Info

Lever Lock Couplings

Intrico are able to supply 'Lever Lock' or 'Bauer' couplings to suit pipework from 2" to 12"nb.

Lever Lock Couplings - More Info

FIG Hammer Union Couplings

Hammer Lug Union Couplings also knows as WECO couplings are often used offshore and onshore with hoses and pipework. The hammer union couplings come in a range of sizes and pressures to suit all applications.

FIG Hammer Union Couplings  - More Info

Avery Hardoll Bulk Meters

Avery Hardoll Bulk Meters are known worldwide for their accuracy and long life, making them first choice when value for money is important.

Avery Hardoll Bulk Meters - More Info

Band-Strap Ranges

Widely used as hose clamps and sign fixings, the 'Band-Strap' range consists of a series of different bands, buckles and brackets which can be used in many different applications.

Band-Strap Ranges - More Info

'Bost' Galvanised Malleable Iron Fittings

Intrico supply a very wide range of Galvanised, Malleable Iron fittings, manufactured to DIN standards and with Bsp threads, for quality and interchangeability.

'Bost' Galvanised Malleable Iron Fittings - More Info

Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Dry Break Couplings provide safety for people, plant and the enviroment. We supply Breakaway Drybreaks from 3/4" to 10"nb. 'Breakaway' couplings, spares and seals are all available from Intrico Products.

Breakaway Couplings - More Info

Camlock Couplings

Camlock couplings or Cam and Groove are available in 4 materials and in 1/2"nb to 6"nb. Camlock adapters are also available, as are camlock spare seals etc.

Camlock Couplings - More Info

'Crimper' Crimp Ferrules

Also known as 'Haydon Nilos Rings' or 'Darnalloy Rings', Brass and Stainless Steel 'Crimper' Ferrules can be used for a multitude of simple, low pressure hose applications.

'Crimper' Crimp Ferrules - More Info

EN14420 and DIN Standard Couplings and Clamps

A 'family' of products, all of which are manufactured to 'DIN' Standards and many of which can be combined to provide technically superb solutions.

EN14420 and DIN Standard Couplings and Clamps - More Info

Fire Hose and Fire Couplings

BS336 'Instantaneous' adapters, Branch pipes, fire hose and fire hose assemblies, standpipes and international shore connections are all available.

Fire Hose and Fire Couplings - More Info

Flanged Hose Tails

Intrico are able to supply a variety of Flanged Hose Tails in sizes from 1-1/2" to 12"nb. Flanged Hose Tails are available in several materials. We have now increased our stocks of these parts so we can offer more on a next day despatch to the UK.

Flanged Hose Tails - More Info

Foot Valves and Strainers

Intrico are able to supply a variety of Foot Valves and Strainers in sizes from 1-1/2" to 8"nb.

Foot Valves and Strainers - More Info

Fuel Nozzles

Intrico supply fuel nozzles of all kinds, including manual, automatic shut-off, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel.

Fuel Nozzles - More Info

Pressure Gauges

Intrico stock standard gauges and are able to supply a complete range of hydraulic, pneumatic and process gauges

Pressure Gauges - More Info

Geka Couplings

'Geka' type fittings for water. 'Geka' are available in 3/8"nb to 1-1/2"nb. Our 'Geka' interchange with Renus and Velox.

Geka Couplings - More Info

Industrial Hoses

Intrico can supply a complete range of of industrial hose. Most types are supplied in coil lengths, however some types and bore sizes can be supplied in cut lengths.

Industrial Hoses - More Info

Hose Clips and Hose Clamps

Intrico supply a complete range of Double and Single 'Ear' Clamps, 'Finger' Clamps, 'Euro-Seal' Worm Drive Clamps, 'Hi-Torque' Extra Heavy Duty Worm Drive Clamps and 'Mikalor' Single Bolt Super Clamps

Hose Clips and Hose Clamps - More Info


The 'Health and Safety' advantages offered by hose racks and hosereels are obvious. Between them, the 'Recoila Gen3', 'Reeltek', 'K Series', '7000 Series' and 'Stainless' reels should provide the ideal solution.

Hosereels - More Info

'IBC' Fittings

Couplings and Adaptors specifically for 'IBC's' (Intermediate Bulk Containers). We can supply all common 'IBC' fittings including S60. We also supply S/S 'IBC' fittings

'IBC' Fittings - More Info

International Shore Connection

Manufactured in LG2 'Gunmetal' and therefore suitable for salt and fresh water applications, our 'International Shore Connections' are available with male Bspp threads to which we can add all standard fire hose couplings.

International Shore Connection - More Info

Jet & Spray Nozzles

'Jet/Spray' Nozzles, also known as Branchpipes. Water delivery on 'Jet/Spray' Nozzles can be varied from a spray to a jet. 'Jet/Spray' Nozzles can be supplied with all major fire couplings, including BS336 Instantaneous.

Jet & Spray Nozzles - More Info

Mann Tek Products

Intrico are an authorised distributor and stockist of the full Mann-Tek range. The product range provides reliable and cost effective solutions.

Mann Tek Products - More Info

Meggitt Fueling Products

The original, and still the best, couplings manufactured by Meggitt Fuelling Products are known around the world as the dry break couplings of choice.

Meggitt Fueling Products - More Info

'Nito' Couplings and Water Guns

'Nito' water guns are ideal for heavy duty use. 'Nito' couplings and plugs are used for quick and safe hose connections in house, garden, industry and trade.

'Nito' Couplings and Water Guns - More Info

Hydraulic Hose & Couplings

Intrico Products is able to supply a range of hydraulic hose, couplings and fittings from the best manufacturers in Europe.

Hydraulic Hose & Couplings - More Info

'Posi-Lok' Couplings

Featuring a spring loaded, automatic 'Positive Lock' feature, the 'Posi-Lok' range offer safety and security for all Air, Gas and Steam condensate systems.

'Posi-Lok' Couplings - More Info

Hand Pumps

Intrico offer an extensive range of Pumps including submersible, jet, pool, self priming, centrifugal and manual.

Hand Pumps - More Info


The 'Punch-Lok' Pre-Formed Clamp system is used in the manufacture of hose assemblies.

Punch-Lok - More Info

Sight Glasses

Sight glass or sight flow indicator for use where a visual confirmation of product movement is required.

Sight Glasses - More Info

Stainless Steel 150lb Bsp Fittings

A range of Stainless Steel grade 316, Bsp threaded, pipe fittings, rated to 150lb. Many different types are available as standard, with 'specials' fabricated to order.

Stainless Steel 150lb Bsp Fittings - More Info


Standpipes enable users to access water from hydrants, in the street and on building sites. We supply Standpipes for fire fighting and Standpipes for contractors.

Standpipes - More Info

Storz Couplings

Storz hose couplings and Storz fittings to suit pipework from 1/2" to 10"nb. Our Storz couplings are manufactured in accordance with the DIN Standard dimensions.

Storz Couplings - More Info

Swivel Joints

Intrico Swivel Joints are available in two types. Those with one ball race, which are suitable for light duties such a hose swivel or for use with our water guns.

Swivel Joints - More Info

Trench Pump Couplings

Bspp threaded 'Trench Pump' couplings are available in 5 materials. 'Trench Pump' couplings are suitable for a multitude of applications.

Trench Pump Couplings - More Info

Unicone Fittings

'Unicone' is a simple, tried and tested system. 'Unicone' fittings have been a standard for the road tanker industry for many years. S/S 'Unicone' are also available.

Unicone Fittings - More Info

URT Couplings

'URT' fittings are available in Aluminium and Polyproplyene as standard but also in Gunmetal and S/S. Our 'URT' couplings are light and fast to use. Our 'URT' fittings are easy even when wearing protective clothing.

URT Couplings - More Info


Intrico are able to supply a complete range of valves in all sizes, material and types. The valves shown are available next day.

Valves - More Info

Industrial Water Guns and Nozzles

Suitable for industrial and domestic use, every day or occasionally, somewhere in our range you will find a Watergun suitable for your application.

Industrial Water Guns and Nozzles - More Info

Water Couplings

Intrico are able to supply 'Agri-Lok' or 'Bauer' couplings to suit pipework from 2" to 12"nb

Water Couplings - More Info

Whipcheck Safety Cables

Whipcheck Safety Cables are available in two cable diameters and a number of different configurations. Whipcheck offer additional safety for compressor hoses in enclosed or critical enviroments. A Hi-Viz Whipcheck is also available.

Whipcheck Safety Cables - More Info

Wood Pellet Fittings

Biomass wood pellet pipe system and fittings for use with biomass boliers and their pellet store. Storz 110A, straight pipe, elbows, clamps and impact mats.

Wood Pellet Fittings - More Info

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