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'Crimper' Crimp Ferrules

Also known as 'Haydon Nilos Rings' or 'Darnalloy Rings', Brass and Stainless Steel 'Crimper' Ferrules can be used for a multitude of simple, low pressure hose applications.

Also known as Hayden Nilos or Nilos rings and traditionally used as the clamping ferrules on 'first aid' fire hose and now used for air, water, gases and refrigerant hoses, Brass 'Crimper' Ferrules offer any one with a hydraulic swage machine the ability to quickly mass produce low pressure industrial hose assemblies using any member of staff who can use the swaging machine.

The Stainless Steel 'Crimper' Ferrules offer the addition benefit of hygenic status and higher working pressures.

For those who do not have a swaging machine, the 'Crimper' Compression Tool is the answer. Fast and easy to use, Dies are available to suit all ferrule sizes.

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