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Mann-Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings

'Mann-Tek' dry disconnect couplings are used to for clean, safe and spill free handling of liquids, chemicals, petroleum and gases. For whatever application dry break couplings are required our 'Mann-Tek' range has a product to suit.

'Mann-Tek' dry disconnect couplings are available in sizes from 3/4" up to 8" and in a wide range of materials and seals suitable for almost any application.

The self-sealing design of the dry break guarantees both the highest level of safety and also the quickest way of connecting and disconnecting.

'Mann-Tek' dry disconnect couplings, are designed for quick and spill free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. They are used by producers of ink, adhesives, fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, petroleum, chemicals, agricultural and a wide variety of caustic products and speciality acids.

Dry Disconnect Couplings can be found in a lot of various applications such as handling toxic chemicals, fuels etc., for transferring clean water and, due to the wide range of materials, connections and sealing types, dry disconnect couplings are flexible enough to suit almost any application. The newest variant is a fitting suitable for LNG (Cryogenic coupling).

'Mann-Tek' fittings are especially needed in areas of zero tolerance spillage when your product:

- is of high value

- requires costly environmental methods of cleaning-up in case of spillage

- is expensive to reprocess or dispose of

- is hazardous to the environment

- can cause a health risk

- is prone to accidental spillage and product loss

'Mann-Tek' dry break fittings are in use in installations all over the world, especially where certification is a prerequisite and they are certified by TUV, Apragaz, Veritas, TDT, plus regionally required approvals.


We have now increased our stocks of these parts so we can offer more on a next day despatch to the UK.  


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