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Swivel Joints

Intrico Swivel Joints are available in two types. Those with one ball race, which are suitable for light duties such a hose swivel or for use with our water guns.

Those with two or more ball races are heavier construction suitable for both axial and lateral loads.

Standard and high pressure swivel joints are two ball races units; both are available in different materials, sizes and styles. We can make a recommendation if details of the application and/or the installation are supplied.

Mann-Tek swivel joints are available with one or two ball races; they are available in Aluminium and stainless steel and with a variety of end terminations.

The Low Pressure swivels and those with hosetails have only one ball race and are designed primarily for use at the operator end of a hose to allow the use of a water gun or similar hand held device.

Swivel Joints are design for slow speed oscillation. They are not suitable for constant or regular 360 degree rotation. For these applications a Rotary Union is required.

If you have any doubts about which Swivel you require, please call and we will be happy to advise.

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