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The application of dry disconnect couplings

30th June 2015


'Mann-Tek' dry disconnect couplings are used for the transfer of liquids, gases and bulk powder in a safe and economical way.

Dry break couplings are engineered for a wide variety of road, rail, sea and air transport applications as well as for use in petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Dry Disconnect Couplings are available in sizes from 3/4' up to 8' and in a wide range of materials and seals to allow the correct combination for almost any application.

The self-sealing design of both the hose and the tank unit guarantees both the highest level of safety and also the fastest possible connect and disconnect.

Dry disconnect couplings are ideal for use anywhere a hose is being used to transfer a fluid or gas, especially when the contents of the hose are dangerous, toxic, corrosive or flammable. These products make a safe transfer and a dry break vital to the procedure of disconnecting the couplings.
Follow our simple method to prevent leakage when using Mann-Tek dry break couplings.

Step one

You should be prepared with not only the correct equipment, but appropriate clothing, footwear and gloves for the job. The large ergonomically designed handle on the hose unit will make for easy lifting during the fluid transfer. Ensure that the face of the hose and the tank units are clean. This will prevent spill when the couplings are disconnected.

Step two

To operate the dry disconnect fitting, simply push the hose unit on to the tank unit and turn the handle approximately 100?? until the coupling stops rotating.  The three rollers in the mouth of the hose unit pass through the slots in the head of the tank unit and then, as the hose unit is rotated,  they lock behind the tank unit flange, preventing accidental disconnection and providing operator safety.  The valves do not open until after the hose unit is locked to the tank unit.

Step three

Wait for the fluid to transfer before handling the coupling again. When the transfer is complete, take the handle and turn in an anti-clockwise direction to release the coupling. Keeping hold of the handle, return the coupling with the connected hose to its collection point. The transfer is complete once the hose is disconnected.
For more information on our wide range of dry disconnect couplings, visit our products catalogue or view the videos below.

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