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90 Street Elbow

1 x Male Bspt Thread, 1 x Female Bsp Thread.
Stainless Steel grade 316, Bsp threaded, 150lb fittings for air, water, chemical, pharmaceutical and a host of other applications.

Part Number Size
Bsp thread
Each Net
ex works
BSP150MF90003316 1/8" £1.80
BSP150MF90006316 1/4" £2.33
BSP150MF90010316 3/8" £2.73
BSP150MF90013316 1/2" £3.41
BSP150MF90020316 3/4" £4.29
BSP150MF90025316 1" £6.91
BSP150MF90032316 1-1/4" £10.65
BSP150MF90040316 1-1/2" £12.88
BSP150MF90050316 2" £19.31
BSP150MF90065316 2-1/2" £26.41
BSP150MF90076316 3" £45.09
Please note that these prices are nett, unlike other prices on the website.

All our Stainless Steel fittings are manufactured in Grade 316 for maximum chemical resistance and are rated to a working pressureof 150 psig.

All fittings have Bsp threads to DIN2999, female threads being parallel and male threads being taper.

3K and 10K fittings are available in many sizes

Black and Galvanised Malleable Iron are also available.

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