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Alloy Pipe Plugs

Pipe Plugs with alloy plates, threads and a steel wing nut. Intrico supplied Alloy Pipe Plugs come complete with thread cap.

Part Number Size
To suit Pipe ID
Inlet Thread
APP100 4" 1/2"
APP150 6" 1/2"
APP150/A 6" 1"
APP200 8" 1"
APP225 9" 1"
APP300 12" 1"
APP375 15" 1"
APP400 16" 1"
APP450 18" 1"
APP500 20" 2"
APP5500 21" 2"
APP600 24" 2"


Simple, yet effective, our Alloy Pipe Plugs are used for plugging pipework prior to testing or simply to prevent contamination. Alloy Pipe Plugs can also be used for pressure testing hose assemblies.

Other Alloy Pipe Plugs sizes and materials available.

Product also Known As: Drain Stopper, Test Bung, Mechanical Stopper, Double seal test plugs, Nylon Testing plugs

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