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Bulk Meters

Avery Hardoll® bulk meters are precision made, positive displacement, liquid measuring instruments, which maintain accurate metering over long periods of operation. The simplicity of design and construction together with sustained accuracy of an Avery Hardoll® bulk meter has led to the widespread use of these meters on aviation refuelling vehicles, in oil terminals throughout the world and also as master meters for use in calibration. With our years of technical experience we can find the solution for you.

Data Sheet

Bulk Meters from Avery Hardoll® provide the following :-

  • Flow rates 100 Lpm to 5500 Lpm.
  • Not effected by outside factors caused by the installation.
  • Stepless calibration system.
  • Accuracy consistent between calibration levels.
  • Suitable for use in distribution depots and aviation refuelling vehicles.
  • Repeatability better than 0.02%.
  • Automatic additive injector available.
  • Electronic control available.
  • Serviceability: designed for quick and easy maintenance.
Avery Hardoll BM Series bulk meterAvery Hardoll CM Series bulk meterAvery Hardoll DM Series bulk meterAvery Hardoll bulk meter

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Product also Known As: BM Series, CM Series, DM Series, Positive Displacement Meter, Master Meter, PD Meter

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