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FCMY107 and FCMY108 Aviation Refueling Tank Units

The Avery Hardoll® FCMY107M5 & FCMY108M5 Series aviation refueling tank units are designed for use in aviation refuelling systems with a maximum working pressure of 10.2 bar (150 psi), in conjunction with 2 1/2" bayonet type aviation hose units. Recommended to be fitted with the spring loaded, twin seal, dust cap.

Avery Hardoll Data Sheets Data Sheet

Avery Hardoll® FCMY107 and FCMY108 aviation refueling dry break tank units provide the following options:-

  • 2-1/2" and 3" line sizes
  • Low pressure and high pressure versions.
  • A wide range of flange and thread options.
  • Interchangeable to ISO 45, STANAG 3105, MS 24484, Aircraft - Pressure refueling connection
  • Optional Selectivity, to prevent product contamination.
  • Spring loaded, twin seal, dust cap.
  • High flow rates with low pressure drops.

FCMY107 plus capFCMY107 with cap fitted

Please contact our Sales Department for a quotation. We require the following information:-

  • Line size
  • Preferred line side termination type
  • Medium, pressure, temperature and flow rate
  • Any other requirements or application details

Our Sales Department personnel will submit our proposal by return.

Product also Known As: ISO 45, STANAG 3105, MS 24484

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