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HU3000 Underwing Refueling Nozzle

Avery Hardoll® HU3000 Series Underwing Refueling nozzle, used all over the world, fitted with the Mark 6 Surge controller - only from Avery Hardoll®. Compatible with NATO STANAG3105, ISO 45, MIL Specification MS24484 and British Aerospace specification 2C14.

Avery Hardoll Data Sheets Data Sheet

Avery Hardoll® HU3000 Underwing Refueling Nozzles provide the following options:-

  • Three different types of handle.
  • Six slot engagement for easier coupling location overhead.
  • Common flanges allow for full interchangeability of components.
  • Option of selectivity and 90O elbow for 2-1/2" hydrant systems.
  • Nose seal replaceable without depressurisation.
  • Blockout feature for testing Surge controller.
  • All units complete with cap.
  • Bonding cable also an option.
  • Serviceability: designed for quick and easy maintenance.
HU3000 Underwing Refueling NozzleHU3000 Refueling Coupling

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