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BSRT Round Thread Adapter

Normally manufactured in Aluminium, the standard configuration has a 5-1/2” BS336 BSRT male thread with a 4” swivelling BS336 BSRT female as shown in the picture. However we can supply with a male thread if this is required.

Material Thread Part Number
Aluminium 5-1/2" BSRT Female x 4" BSRT Male


The most common suction hose size used by brigades is the 4” BS336 BSRT. However to ensure that all equipment can be used in an emergency, our BS336 BSRT Round thread adapters can be used so that all 5-1/2” equipment and hoses can be connected, ensuring fire fighters continuity of water supply.

Our BS336 BSRT Round thread adapters are often used in conjunction with emergency water sources, such as water tanks which are normally fitted with our 5-1/2” BSRT round thread flange adaptors which can be found here.

Product also Known As: BS336 Suction fitting

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