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Composite Hose

Flexible, strong and lightweight. A comprehensive range of hoses specifically engineered for strength and flexibility.

Composite hose

Sizes: 25.4mm to 152mm inside diameter

Lengths: Up to 18.3 meters

We supply a complete range of composite hose assemblies for adiverse range of applications. The hoses are characterised by their strength and flexibility and at the same time are lightweight and easy to install. Their unique construction offers a very low bending radius capability.

Chemical and oil resistance: Composite hoses are designed to meet the critical requirements of chemicals and fluids handling for processing, transportation and bulk transfer applications. The unique construction ensures resistance through out to the corrosive effects of hazardous chemicals and all petroleum products including oils and solvents.

Certificates: All hoses are checked for production and construction failures. Test Certificates and Certificates of Conformity are supplied upon request.

International standards: Our composite hoses conform to various international standards, and meet the performance requirements in accordance with BS 5842 and BS 3492.

Identification: Composite hoses can be manufactured in arange of colors for identification and safety purposes. A plain stripe can be added to the outside wall, along the length of the hose, for additional identification.

Colours are available as follows: Black, Blue, Green, GreyOrange, Red, Yellow and Brown.

Branding: Our composite hoses are manufactured unbranded as standard but, can be branded with customer identification upon request.

Please remember that our hoses can be designed to your requirements, if you do not see what you want, please call us.

Product also Known As: BS 5842, BS 3492

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