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Elbow Pipe

Elbow pipe in a variety of angles. These pipes are manufactured from galvanised steel and have a 1.5mm wall thickness. Using more than one elbow pipe to form angles of more than 90 degrees should be avoided. Generally the fewer elbows in your pipe run the better.

Part Number Description Net Price
each net ex works
11102343 Pellet pipe 2D 30 elbow £18.42
11102344 Pellet pipe 2D 45 elbow £29.30
11102346 Pellet pipe 2D 60 elbow £35.16
11102349 Pellet pipe 2D 90 elbow £41.45

If an elbow pipe is inserted in to the pellet pipe system directly behind the Storz fitting to which the tanker driver connect, the pipe must be securely fixed using a Pipe Bracket, which can be found here, as the delivery driver has to lock the two Storz fittings together using a spanner..

For each joint between a straight pipe and an elbow, a Pellet Pipe clamp (Pt No 12102383)  and a Pellet Pipe clamp seal (Pt No 1010895159) will need to be purchased.

For a joint between a Storz coupling (Pt No N-110-WPFL) or a pellet store wall pipe (Pt No 71181A or 711121A) the same clamp can be used but a different seal (Pt No 1010895259) must be used.

(New Storz fitting x flange couplings and pellet store wall pipes are supplied with this seal included in the price).

Clamp and seals can be found here.
Product also Known As: Elbow for pellet pipe system

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