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'Finger' Clamps

Malleable Iron 'Finger' clamps are specifically designed for compressed air or gas assemblies. 'Finger' Clamps provide more security than standard double bolt clamps.

Clamp size Hose OD
in mm
Part Number
3/8" 17.5 - 22 FC22
1/2" 25 - 30 FC30
3/4" 28.5 - 33 FC33
1" 33 - 38 FC38
1" 38 - 46 FC46

'Finger' clamps grip the hosetail in a similar way to other bolt clamps but offer the additional security of 'fingers' which interlock with the collar on fittings such as 'Posi-Lok', DIN3489 compressor couplings and 'Thor'.

They are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Use these clamps with our 'Posi-Lok' hosetail fittings.

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