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High Pressure Swivel Joints

Intrico 'High Pressure Swivel Joints' are commonly used for oscillating shafts and hose reels applications, but are also used anywhere a hose is subject to torque or a pipe work system needs the ability to rotate. Intrico 'Swivel Joints' can also be used for transferring fluid or steam to slowly rotating shafts or drums.

'Swivel Joints' Couplings provide the following:-

  • 1/4" to 2" line size
  • Up to 410 Bar working pressure.
  • Carbon and Stainless Steel bodies, depending on size and/or pressure.
  • Viton seals as standard with other seals as options
  • Bspp female or Bspp male x female configuration.
  • Straight or 90 degree designs

Where pipework connections are made with flexible hose and movement occurs the hose can have a short life. Remove the strain by using an Intrico 'Swivel Joints'.

An Intrico 'Swivel Joints' will allow leak proof transfer from a bulk supply tank to a hose reel system for distribution purposes.

A double flow Intrico 'Swivel Joints' can be used to supply pneumatic or hydraulic services for functional or sensing purposes on a semi rotary machine table.

Intrico 'Swivel Joints' can be used for any slow continuous rotation or intermittent angular movements for modest pressures.

Typical applications include Water, mineral oils, lubricated air, steam and natural gas.

All fluids must be clean and free of abrasive and corrosive elements.

The standard 'Swivel Joints' shown above do not always meet the application requirements, we do therefore consider other applications.

A simple variation from our standard 'Swivel Joints' product may be all that is required.

Simple variations can be different body or seal materials, alternative threads or weld ends, bleed ports or hygienic seals and cleaning.

We also offer a bespoke service when required.

Swivel Joints

Please contact our Sales Department for a quotation. We require the following information:-

  • Line size
  • Preferred body material
  • Preferred seal material
  • Preferred termination type
  • Medium, pressure, temperature and flow rate
  • Any other requirements or application details


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