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HiJet Air / Water Gun

For the ultimate in water saving, yet with a full power jet, the HiJet Air / Water Gun is perfect for heavy duty cleaning applications, when both air and water supplies are available.

Package Quantity Part Number List Price ex works
1 AKAWLU-B £102.00

The 'HiJet' Air / Water Gun has the following features:-

  • Uses 50% less water than a water only gun
  • Heavy duty Aluminium body
  • All O-Rings and covers in EPDM
  • Insulated molded grip for spraying hot or cold water
  • 10mm diameter hosetail inlets
  • Maximum working temperature 50OC
  • Maximum air inlet pressure 5 Bar (72 psi)
  • Maximum water inlet pressure 5 Bar (72 psi)
  • Built in hanger for ease of storage

Although all components in this Water Gun can withstand over 100OC this nozzle should not be used above 50OC.

We strongly recommend special precautions when using hot water.

With the introduction of the air, the 'HiJet' Air / Water Gun is at least as effective as any of our standard Heavy Duty Water Guns, which have an inlet size using 50% more water volume.This is because the air breaks up the water in to many small droplets, each of which creates a new impact, at what ever the jet is aimed.

The HiJet Air / Water Gun can be used for cleaning surfaces, similar to jet washers, not just washing down.

Intrico can supply an air / water, dual hose, auto rewind reel for use with the HiJet Air / Water Gun.

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