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Low Pressure Stainless Steel Swivel Joint

Swivel Joints in Stainless Steel, specifically designed for our range of water guns, but suitable or any low pressure application.

Part Number Thread
in mm
SWR09-1/2 1/2" male 1/2" female 9
SWR09-3/4 1/2" male 3/4" female 9
SWR14-3/4 1/2" male 3/4" female 14
SWR12-3/4 3/4" male 3/4" female 12
SWR18-1 1" male 1" female 18
SWR09-1/2M 1/2" male 1/2" male 9
SWR09-3/4M 1/2" male 3/4" male 9

Our stainless steel Swivel Joints have the following features:-

  • Stainless Steel 316 body
  • Viton rubber seals
  • Stainless Steel 316 balls
  • 30 Bar max working pressure
  • Very low torque requirement to rotate
  • Will increase operator safety
  • Will reduce operator fatigue levels
  • Will increase hose life
  • Maximum working temperature 95OC
  • Can be installed retrospectively

Spare Viton thread seals are available. These swivels are also available as a 1/2" male thread with a 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" diameter hosetail.

Particularly useful when purchasing any of our Hose Reels which come with a fixed male on the end of the hose. The use of these swivels will prolong the life of the hosereel, lowering costs. Lower operator fatigue and therefore increase productivity, as well as increasing saftey as there is less chance of hose failure..

Product also Known As: Hose swivel

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