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Male 'Posi-Lok' Couplings

Widely used for air and inert gases in the oil industry, these couplings are interchangeable with MacDonald type. 'Posi-Lok' couplings are suitable for use as a safety coupling, requiring a definite action to disconnect them.

'Posi-Lok' male x serrated tails
To suit hose ID
Part Number Net Price
each net ex works
3/8" HM038S £16.29
1/2" HM050S £17.34
3/4" HM075S £15.72
1" HM100S £19.65

'Posi-Lok' male x female thread
Size Part Number Net Price
each net ex works
3/8' Bspp IM038S £14.10
1/2' Bspp IM050S £20.16
3/4' Bspp IM075S £16.41
1' Bspp IM100S £21.45

'Posi-Lok' male x male thread
Size Part Number Net Price
each net ex works
3/8' Bspt OM038S £15.03
1/2' Bspt OM050S £16.68
3/4' Bspt OM075S £18.10
1' Bspt OM100S £21.33
Please note that these prices are nett, unlike other prices on the website.

The 'Posi-Lok' couplings above all feature a 1/2" 'head' and therefore, any size male nipple above will connect any size female coupler.

'Posi-Lok' couplings will not disconnect when they are subject to hose torque, unlike standard compressor couplings, this makes them ideal for use when the hose is hand held, as is often the case with air operated tools.

We can also supply Giant and Mini 'Posi-Lok' couplings. Giant have a larger body with 1-1/4" terminations. Mini couplings have a smaller body with 1/2" ends. Our Mini's are interchangeable with those of TT Technologies and are ideally suited for moling/piercing applications. The hosetail is specifically designed to be swaged into hydraulic hose.

Many other options are also available, including a locking sleeve version, for complete safety during use.

Brass couplings for water are also available.

Ideal for use with 'Whipcheck' Safety Cables in safety conscious applications.

Product also Known As: MacDonald couplings

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