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Oil and Petrochemical Hose

Oil suction hose to BS EN 1765. A range of medium duty oil loading and unloading hoses for dockside use.

A642, A643, and A644: Oil suction and discharge hose to BS EN 1765: 1998 types S7, S10 and S15.(Replaces BS 1435: Part 1: 1987 types S7, S10 and S15)

Sizes: 50mm to 300mm inside diameter

Lengths: Up to 19.5 metres.

Temperatures: -20°C [-4°F] to +100°C [+212°F]

Applications: A range of medium duty oil loading and unloading hoses for dockside and other uses.

Lining: Smooth bore, mandrel built, Nitrile rubber lining to convey all grades of petroleum products, including crude oils and other liquid petroleum products having a maximum aromatics content of 40%. For 100% aromatic content a Viton® rubber lining is available.

Reinforcement: A single ply of breaker fabric to reinforce the lining, with multiple plies of synthetic cord fabric surrounding a fully rubber embedded high tensile steel wire helix. Hoses are supplied electrically continuous unless requested otherwise. Hoses are branded accordingly.

Pressure: Hoses are proof tested to 1.5 x working pressure. Test and material certificates are supplied as standard.

Specification Working Pressure
A642 7 -0.85
A643 10 -0.85
A644 15 -0.85

Cover: Smooth, tough, Neoprene rubber compounded to resist abrasion, weathering and oil. A single ply of heavy gauge breaker fabric between the cover and main carcass bonds them securely together. For submarine duty a double cover and galvanised fittings are supplied as standard.

Couplings: Hoses are generally supplied assembled with built in vulcanised carbon steel nipples with slip-on welded or welding neck flanges to customers requirements. Alternatively swaged full bore fittings are available. Nipples can also be screwed if required to standards. Stainless steel, gunmetal or aluminium fittings are also available. Steel fittings can be galvanised, plated or painted if required.

Oil suction hose to BS EN 1765

Dock loading Oil suction hose to BS EN 1765


Branding: Each hose is permanently branded at both ends to the requirements of BS EN 1765 including the serial number and date of manufacture which are embossed into the hose cover.

The following hoses are also available:-

  • Hoses with a similar construction to the BS EN 1765 but suitable for oil delivery only.
  • Tank Floating Roof drain hose
  • Bitumen and Asphalt hose

Please remember that our hoses can be designed to your requirements, if you do not see what you want, please call us.

Product also Known As: BS EN 1765 types S7, S10 and S15, BS 1435

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