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Plastic Vented Cap

Plastic vented cap for biomass pellet stores. Carbon Monoxide can build up in unvented pellet stores. If human access to these stores is possible then at least one cap should be of the vented type. This cap provides some of the ventilation required. It is recommended that both fill and extraction pipes (if fitted to the store) should have vented caps. The plastic vented cap is not supplied with a chain.

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Plastic ventilated cap for wood pellet store


This plastic vented cap is fitted with an integrated mesh to prevent mice, insects etc. from entering the store.

biomass pellet store ventillated cap


It is suitable for use with our Storz fitting x flange

The plastic ventilated cap is also suitable for use with any of our pellet store wall pipes.
Product also Known As: Storz vented cap for wood pellet stores

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