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'Quick-Band' Band

'Quick-Band'Zinc Plated Steel Worm Drive Band - for use with 'Quick-Band' Housings.

Width Package Quantity Part Number List Price
ex works (per box)
11mm 10.00 mtrs (100ft) SB11/10 £32.20
11mm 30.00 mtrs (100ft) SB11/30 £56.25

All 'Quick-Band' Band is perfect for use in applications where large diameters or speed of installation are more critical than the strength of the clamp.

'Quick-Band' Band is also available 7mm and 11mm wide grade 304 stainless steel.

The band is solid to protect the hose, ductwork, compensator etc and also has round edges to protect the user.

Complete instructions for use are provided. Contact us on 01772 785295 or for details.

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