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Round Thread Female with Hose Tail

BS336 BSRT round thread suction fittings in aluminium or gunmetal are the standard suction side couplings for the UK fire brigades. Manufactured in aluminium for fresh water and gunmetal for salt water and available in two sizes.

Material Part Number
4" Aluminium BSRTF400A
4" Gunmetal BSRTF400G
5-1/2" Aluminium BSRTF550A

BS336 round thread female couplings differ from most other female hosetails in that they are fitted with a lock nut behind the female thread. There are several major advantages to the BS336 suction coupling over the standard round thread female coupling.

1.     The BS336 hose tail has two ribs rather than being multi serrated. These ribs can therefore be significantly larger in diameter producing a much better grip in the hose and a larger step for the clamp to grip.

2.     The larger diameter of the double ribbed hosetail would normally mean a larger bore in the back of the nut. Using the lock nut arrangement actually results in a larger shoulder area between the nut and the tail than standard round thread fittings and therefore more strength.

3.     With the BS 336 design, there is a lip on the inside diameter of the seal. This prevents even the largest suction from pulling the seal out of the joint between sealing faces.

4.     The BS336 round thread female nut has four lugs. This makes it a lot easier to tighten with a spanner. A lug is always presented in a favourable position even in the tightest of locations.

Aluminium BS336 BSRT round thread fittings are used for fresh water applications whilst the Gunmetal version is used for salt water.



Product also Known As: BS336 BSRT female hosetail

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