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Soft Wall Multipurpose Discharge Hose

A general purpose hose for fuel, fresh and sea water, slurry, chemicals and dry powders.

A170, A171, A171 and A173: Handbuilt soft wall multipurpose delivery hose.

Sizes: 50mm to 915mm inside diameter

Lengths: Up to and including 300mm - 19.5 mtrs; 356mm and above - 12 mtr.

Applications: Fuel, oils, diesel, sea water, drill water, water, mud pump, chemicals, dry powders, cement, sand and gravel.

Lining: Smooth bore, mandrel built. See table below for options.

Rubber Suffix Typical Application
Natural NR Water, medium abrasives
Nitrile NBR Fuels and oils
Neoprene CR Seawaterr, oil based mud
EPDM EP Chemicals, seawater
6mm thick
NRT Heavy abrasives
Hypalon® CSM Chemicals
XLPE XLPE Chemicals, including solvents
Viton® FPM Special applications
Water Research Council
approved EPDM
WRCA Drinking Water


Reinforcement: Multiple layers of synthetic cord spiralled at a specific angle to give pressure resistance, flexibility and stability under pressure. Hoses have a bend radius when pressurised to 8 x bore and a minimum 3.5:1 safety factor.

Pressure: Hose assemblies are tested on request.

Specification Working Pressure
A170 3.5
A171 7
A172 10
A173 15


Cover: Abrasion and weather resistant Neoprene rubber is supplied as standard.

Couplings: Hoses are generally supplied assembled with built in vulcanised carbon steel nipples with slip-on welded or welding neck flanges to customers requirements. Alternatively swaged full bore fittings are available. Nipples can also be screwed if required. Wired in, wire free cuffs and beaded endsare all available.

Stainless steel, gunmetal or aluminium fittings are also available. Steel fittings can be galvanised, plated or painted if required.

Water hose with swaged fittings

Water cooling hoses on a steel furnace, fitted with swaged in ends.

Our Multipurpose Delivery Hoses are also available in a Fire Resistant configuration.

Special high strength synthetic textile cord fabric layers along with an 'eGlass' cover are used.
The hose carcase is protected by a thick layer of material made from a specially formulated flame resistant Neoprene rubber, giving excellent resistance to oils, sunlight, weathering and abrasion. Finally, a non-toxic eGlass woven fabric layer is firmly bonded to the outside of the Neoprene rubber cover giving fire and heat resistance, allowing normal operation at temperatures of up to 6000C.

Please remember that our hoses can be designed to your requirements, if you do not see what you want, please call us.

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