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Standard Swivel Joints

Intrico 'Swivel Joints' are commonly used in loading arm and hose reels applications, but are also used anywhere a hose is subject to torque or a pipe work system needs the ability to rotate. When Intrico 'Swivel Joints' are used in combination, a wide variety of different types of movement can be achieved.

'Swivel Joints' provide the following:-

  • 2" to 8" line size.
  • Up to 1000 psi working pressure.
  • Carbon and Stainless Steel bodies, Aluminium is also available in some designs.
  • Viton seals as standard with other seals as options.
  • Weld ends, male or female threads in Bspt, Bspp or Npt, ASA or DIN flange connections in 2" to 4".
  • Weld ends, ASA or DIN flange connections in 6" and 8".
  • Full bore design.
  • Wide spacing between dual ball races ensures greater load-bearing capacity.
  • The precision-machined design ensures alignment and years of trouble-free service.
  • A DUAL O-ring dust seal is used to protect the ball races and seal chamber from all outside elements.
  • The rotary shaft TRIPLE sealing system ensures a leak proof seal at either high or low pressure and an extended seal life.
Style 20 Swivel Joints


The rotary shaft triple sealing system ensures a leak proof sealat either high or low pressure and an extended seal life. Viton is supplied as standard.

  • The Viton Seals are seated on a precision ground seal diameter.
  • The carbon steel Swivels are manufactured from an alloy, case hardened, steel (TS1) with flame hardened dual raceways for greater load bearing capacity and longer life.
  • The stainless steel swivels are manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
  • The Dust seals are high Nitrile 70 shore hardness.
Swivel Joint Construction

Applications and Installation

When using flanged ends, the pressure rating will be reduced to coincide with that of the flange being used.

Carbon steel and stainless steel 150# flanges are recommended for use at 275 PSI maximum at ambient temperature (70°F).

Intrico Products Ltd Swivel Joints can be used in most oil field transfer applications, sweet crude oil and sour crude oil, (up to 50ppm H2S) (Regular maintenance on this service), as well as many other industries.

The Intrico Products designed Swivel Joints requires less torque to initiate rotation than most others as we are using ROTARY SHAFT SEALS. However, the use of Swivel Joints to compensate for twist in hose should be carefully reviewed, since the hose must be sufficiently stiff to generate the torque needed to actuate the swivel before it kinks.

Weld end Swivel Joints should be completely disassembled prior to welding, so as not to damage the seals. Care should be taken to avoid distortion of seal and ball race diameters.

We also recommend that Swivel Joints be tested each time they are reassembled.
If any problem is detected, the unit should be removed from service immediately.

Please contact our Sales Department for a quotation. We require the following information:-

  • Line size
  • Preferred body material
  • Preferred seal material
  • Preferred termination type
  • Medium, pressure, temperature and flow rate
  • Other requirements or application details.

Our Sales Department personnel will submit our proposal by return.

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