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Storz with Proximity Switch

Our Storz couplings can be supplied with either a mechanical or an inductive proximity switch. Storz fitted with these proximity switches are available in Forged Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel.

Storz couplings fitted with proximity switches are used in applications where knowledge that some one is coupling a hose to a specific tank or pipe line is required.


This can be to ensure that no one without authority does so, but it can also to used to operate a valve or to start a pump etc.

The proximity switch is able to detect the presence of the lugs on the mating Storz fitting. Mechanical or Inductive switches can be supplied.

All types of Storz couplings, including those with hose tails can be fitted with the proximity switch although it is normally the fixed Storz fitting which is less vulnerable to damage.

Storz 52-C and below are physically too small to take a proximity switch. Storz 75-B and above are ideal.

Storz fitted with proximity switches are supplied with 2 metres of cable as standard but customers can specify the length they require.

Also supplied as standard is a specially modified Dust Cap. This has the lugs removed so that it does not activate the proximity switch when fitted.

Storz couplings are normally secured using a Spanner which are available from stock.

All 'Storz' couplings, regardless of material or type, which have the same Ka dimension are suitable for use with each other. This feature make the 'Storz' system ideal in applications where hoses or piping of different sizes need to be joined with the minimum of number of adaptors.

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