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Wood Pellet Delivery Fittings

Storz in Cast Aluminium, fitted with Nitrile suction and delivery seals. Designed specifically for use with clamp and flange pipework systems. The non standard light weight dust cap is supplied complete with plated steel chain. These Storz are suitable for both pellet delivery and dust extraction. Maximum working pressure 10 Bar.

Item Storz Size Ka
in mm
Part Number
Storz Fitting 110-A 133 N-110-WPFL
Storz Dust Cap 110-A 133 PN-100-WP


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Suitable for use with all other Storz couplings, these specialist fittings are designed to be assembled into a system of pipes and elbows, all having the same flange and quick clamp connections.

The light weight Storz Dust Caps are not pressure tight and are only for blanking the end of the pipework system.

The suction and delivery gaskets are only available in black nitrile.

Storz couplings are normally connected to each other using a Spanner which is also available from stock.

Storz Wood Pellet system

All Storz couplings, regardless of material or type, which have the same Ka dimension are suitable for use with each other. This feature make the Storz system ideal in applications where hoses or piping of different sizes need to be joined with the minimum of number of adaptors.

Product also Known As: Biomass pellet pipe system

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