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Storz x Storz Swivel Adapter

Storz in Aluminium, fitted with Nitrile seals as standard. Storz are also available in Brass and Stainless Steel.

Storz Size Ka
in mm
Part Number
52-C/25-D 66 to 31 R-52/25
81/52-C 81 to 66 R-65/52
75-B/52-C 89 to 66 R-75/52
110-A/75-B 133 to 89 R-110/75
125/110-A 148 to 133 R-125/110
150/110-A 160 to 133 R-150/110

Fitted with seals suitable for delivery applications as standard, these 'Storz' adapters can also be fitted with suction and delivery seals if required. The white nitrile seals are suitable for food applications. Viton or EPDM gasket are available to order if required. All 'Storz' are also available in Forged Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel. The 'Storz' x 'Storz' coupling supplied by Intrico has a swivelling inner core to facilitate ease of coupling. These adapters enable the 'Storz' system to connect different hose or pipe sizes together very quickly, with a small number of leak points and with a minimum of cost. The couplings are normally secured using a Spanner which is also available from stock.

Storz Adaptor

Part Number b (Ka)
in mm
b1 (Ka)
in mm
in mm
in Bar
Max Working
in Bar
in Kgs
R-52/25 66 31 34 25 10 0.40
R-75/52 89 66 39 35 10 0.60
R-110/75 133 89 46 35 10 1.65

All 'Storz' couplings, regardless of material or type, which have the same Ka dimension are suitable for use with each other. This feature make the 'Storz' system ideal in applications where hoses or piping of different sizes need to be joined with the minimum of number of adaptors.

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