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Straight Pipe

Straight pipe in a variety of lengths. Used to construct biomass pellet pipe systems, these pipes are manufactured from galvanised steel and have a 1mm wall thickness. Each end of the straight pipe is turned through 90 degrees to form a flange. When two sections of straight pipe or a straight pipe and an elbow are to be joined, a rubber seal is fitted to one flange, the flanges are butted against one another and a clamp is placed around the diameter and screwed tight.

Part Number Description Net Price
each net ex works
11102010 Pellet Pipe 2000mm straight £37.60
11102020 Pellet Pipe 1000mm straight £22.10
11102030 Pellet Pipe 500mm straight £13.54
11102040 Pellet Pipe 200mm straight £9.33
11102050 Pellet Pipe 50mm straight (non-stock item)

Lengths of straight pipes or straight pipe and elbows need to be joined by clamps and seals which can be  can be found here.
Product also Known As: Straight pipe for wood pellet systems

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