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Suction and Discharge Hose

Designed for use on pontoon discharge systems and on board dredgers.

A427, A428 and A429: Dredger suction and discharge hose.

Sizes: 254mm to 1000mm inside diameter

Lengths: Up to 12 meters

Applications: Designed for use on dredger systems in many positions both onboard dredgers and for pontoon discharge lines where a non-collapsible hose is required.

Lining: Highly abrasion resistant Natural rubber lining in varying thickness' depending on the severity and life expectancy of the application.

Reinforcement: Carcase of high strength synthetic textile cords and an extra heavy duty high textile steel wire helix fully embedded in highly resilient rubber giving maximum resistance to crushing and vacuum collapse.

Pressure: Hose assemblies are pressure tested on request.

Specification Working Pressure
A427 7 Full Vacuum
A428 10 Full Vacuum
A429 15 Full Vacuum


Cover: Corrugated neoprene rubber for excellent resistance to abrasion, weathering, oils, grease and seawater.

Couplings: The following types are usually supplied: Integral flanges with steel backing plates or Beaded ends with one-piece captive flanges. However, a heavy duty thick walled carbon steel hose tail, wired, strapped or Built-in is also an option.

Variations: There are three pressure ratings: A427 [7 bars], A428 [10 bars] and A429 [15 bars]. Lining thickness' can vary depending on the nature of the application. Thickness' are available in increments of 1.5mm commencing at 9mm e.g. A427-10.5 = 10.5mm thick lining. A429-25 = 25mm thick lining.

Flotation: Two methods are available if flotation is required.
Integral: Black Neoprene rubber covered closed cell foam is vulcanised on to the outside of the hose and incorporates a bright orange identity spiral stripe.

Collars: Closed cell foam collars are encapsulated with orange polyurethane and attached around the outside of the hose after manufacture. (Shown above).

Please remember that our hoses can be designed to your requirements, if you do not see what you want, please call us.

Product also Known As: Pontoon Discharge

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