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'Tiger' Spiral Hose Clamps

Specifically produced to suit medium duty suction hose 'Tiger' Hose Clamps provide the solution to bridging the re-inforcing helix.

Clockwise or right hand 'Tiger' Clamps
To suit hose ID
in ins
Part Number
1-1/2" SC150
2" SC200
2-1/2" SC250
3" SC300
4" SC400
5" SC500
6" SC600
8" SC800

Anti-clockwise or left hand 'Tiger' Clamps
To suit hose ID
in ins
Part Number
2" ACSC200
3" ACSC300
4" ACSC400
6" ACSC600

To decide which 'Tiger' Clamp is required simply hold the end of the hose toward yourself. If there-inforcement spirals clockwise as it goes away from you; then you need a clockwise clamp. Obviously, if it is anti-clockwise as it goes away; then you need an anti-clockwise clamp.

It is always best to try 'Tiger' Clamps with a specific hose if you are unsure of your spiral direction or hose suitability. More than one clamp may be required per end.

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