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URT Weld Adapters

URT fittings available in Carbon and Stainless Steel. URT threads are used by tanker manufacturers and for making threaded and flanged adaptors.

Size Material Thread Part Number
3" C/S Male GEWM300CS
3" C/S Female GEWF300CS
3" S/S 316 Male GEWM300S
3" S/S 316 Female GEWF300S
4" C/S Male GEWM400CS
4" C/S Female22 GEWF400CS22
4" S/S 316 Male GEWM400S
4" S/S 316 Female GEWF400S

These items are stocked for our use. If you have particular requirements, such as particular length or a socket weld type, please contact our sales team.

The Aluminum weld adaptors are available to order.

'Cheetah' threaded adaptersare available in 'URT' threads.

We are able to fabricate 'URT' x 'URT' male or female threads, alongwith other items such as 'URT' xBspt or Npt, particularly in stainless steel.

Aluminium 'URT' female x BSP Parallel male adapter
URT female x Bsp male adapter

'Cheetah' threaded adaptors are also available as Bsp Parallel hexagon male x male and also Bsp Taper male x Bsp Parallel male in some sizes. Details of the standard range can be found here.

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