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'Instantaneous' Fire Couplings

BS336 Fire hose fittings

BS336 'Instantaneous' fire hose couplings are the standard low pressure fire hose fitting for UK fire brigades and all fire related installations. BS336 Instantaneous fire couplings are also used by utility companies and contractors who obtain water from mains hydrants.

Instantaneous fittings are available in two materials, Aluminium, used for fresh water systems and Gunmetal for salt water.

When installing and using BS336 Instantaneous fittings the water should travel from the female to the male. The female is fitted with the seal which has a tapered section. When connected this tapered section sits in the matching taper at the end of the male coupling. This thin tapered section is 'energised' by the water pressure, which creates the water tight seal. Installed incorrectly the coupling will not seal. It should also be noted that, even when installed correctly, the couplings can leak at low pressure, as the seal is not 'energised'.

Fire hoses are fitted with the 'double pull' female fitting as the operator can use both hands, one on each lug. If the female fitting is mounted on pipework, manifold or tank, it should be of the 'single twist' type. This is because the operator will have the male Instantaneous coupling in one hand and therefore only have one hand to operate the mechanism.

BS336 Instantaneous adapters, branch pipes, fire hose and fire hose assemblies, standpipes and international shore connections are all available.

We also supply BS336 round thread (BSRT) suction fittings in 3", 4" and 5-1/2", Aluminium and Gunmetal.

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