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Sight Glasses

Sight glass or sight flow indicator for use where a visual confirmation of product movement is required.

Sight glass for use with road or rail tankers where a visual confirmation of product movement is required.

Also called Sight Flow indicators, our Sight Glasses allow the driver or operator to verify that the powder, pellets or liquids are actually moving through the system as required. As Sight Glasses are completely passive within the system they allow direct observation that cannot give a false reading, they allow the operator to see approximate flow rates, flow direction along with flow condition and characteristics without any instruments and without any obstruction to the flow rate.

An aluminium body supplies rigidity to the Sight Glass which then has Nitrile/SBR food grade rubber seals and an acrylic window. Viton seals and toughened glass windows are also available to order.

End fittings on our Sight Glasses are standardly male and/or female Bspp threads. We can add flanges, Storz, camlock etc. as required.

Common applications for sight flow indicators include cement powder, animal feed pellets, biomass wood pellets as well a petroleum, diesel and oil. Both clean and waste water applications are also common.

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