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Unicone Fittings

'Unicone' is a simple, tried and tested system. 'Unicone' fittings have been a standard for the road tanker industry for many years. S/S 'Unicone' are also available.

The Unicone system has been used for many years as the standard powder, granule and pellet hose coupling. The system is suitable for use with food products such as sugar and flour, plastic pellets, concrete and animal feed pellets. Indeed if the product can be 'fluidised' using an air compressor, Unicone fittings can be utilised.

The Unicone system is very simple. The seal is inserted into one of the Unicone fittings. The clamp is then opened and slid over this end. The second coupling is pushed over the exposed seal. Holding this second coupling in place the clamp is positioned centrally over the joint and is toggled closed.

The inside diameter of the clamp is smaller than the maximum diameter of the coupling which prevents separation.

The Unicone fittings are 'full bore', this prevents build-up of product at the joint and break up of product such as animal feed, both of which can be a problem with other more sophisticated fittings.

 Seals are available in a variety of materials to suit most applications.


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