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Wood Pellet Fittings

Biomass wood pellet pipe system and fittings for use with biomass boliers and their pellet store. Storz 110A, straight pipe, elbows, clamps and impact mats.

Wood pellet fittings, pipework and impact mats - a complete system for wood pellet pellet stores. Designed to provide a simple solution for filling any biomass wood pellet store, we offer all the items required to construct your biomass pellet store pipe system. From the pellet delivery tanker fitting, through the pellet store wall, the straight sections, elbows, clamps to fix the sections, seals, wall brackets, all the way to the impact mat to minimise damage to the wood pellets. If in doubt contact our sales office.

Fittings and pipework

To minimise risk of pellet degredation the wood pellet pipe system should be as short as possible with as few bends as needed. The inlet fitting should, ideally, be a Storz 110A. Camlock Part A fittings can also be used. The dust extraction outlet or exhaust (if your system has one) should also be equipped with a Storz 110A fitting. To cope with the stresses of delivery, the fittings and pipes must be well-fixed, and firmly joined.The inlet coupling should be no more than 1.5 metres above a safe surface for the driver to stand on. There should be 150mm clearance around each coupling to allow for the Storz spanner. There should be clearance of at least 1 metre in front of the couplings to allow the driver safe access and minimise the bend in the delivery hose. The wood pellet fittings should have caps that can be removed and replaced by the driver. If you want suction on the outlet to reduce pressure in the store during delivery and to evacuate any dust, there should be a power socket close to the outlet connector. This is used to earth the system. If you don't want a dust suction system, the inlet point should be earthed or there should be an earthing point within 30 metres. An impact mat is highly beneficial. It should ideally be sited 200mm from the back wall and approx 800 to 1000mm from the pipe outlet.


Wood pellet store

Biomass wood pellets have (approx) a bulk density of 1.6 m3/tonne and an energy content of 4.8 MWh/tonne.

The minimum capacity should be the greater of:

a) 0.03 m3 per kW capacity of your boiler, or

b) 6 m3.

The maximum capacity should be the lesser of:

a) 0.7 m3 per kW capacity of your boiler, or

b) 50 m3.

Have the largest store possible within these limits. Check for the real capacity, you will not typically fill the top 500mm. Small frequent deliveries are more expensive and inefficient.Wide, shallow fuel stores are ineffective for pellets. Height is more useful than width or length. The wood pellet inlet pipe should ideally serve a footprint of no more than 2 by 3 metres.

Wood Pellet Storage Guide

 HSE Wood Pellet store ventilation safety bulletin

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